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There is an age-old Hippocratic saying that goes ‘All disease begins in the gut’. The more we learn about the farreaching consequences of our digestive health, the more we realise just how true this is.

Modern science is catching up with the fact that the state of our digestive system is central to our overall health. Not only does the biggest part of our immune defence reside in the gut, but also our gut microbiome, the inherited and acquired collection of microbes, does a vast amount of work essential for our survival. It does everything from sequestering our food into absorbable elements to manufacturing essential vitamins. The gastrointestinal system also contains its own nervous system, known as the enteric nervous system. And, as

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A Tale Of Two Groves
Peter Crelinsten’s passion for olive horticulture and olive oil began in 1992 on the Maltese island of Gozo, where he lived part-time, and it expanded while he lived there fulltime from 2003–2010. “After reading Carol Drinkwater’s book The Olive Rout
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Healthy Weight Loss
The following is from personal experience, and is not intended as professional dietary advice. When friends I haven’t met for a while fail to recognise me, I try to cover their embarrassment with a joke. “I should have become a spy,” I laugh. “I have
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Animals Suffering In GE Experiments
The level of animal suffering in AgResearch’s experiments at its Ruakura facility is unacceptable, says GE-Free NZ. “GM animal experiments have failed dismally and caused much suffering and ill health as well as deformities in the surrogate and exist