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A BILLION OF THE best trees Which ones to plant?

Carbon is the structural element of life on earth, and soil carbon plays a fundamental role in supporting healthy ecosystems.

Native trees and their deciduous exotic peers are the genuine carbon mastercraftsmen of Earth’s northern and southern temperate climatic zones, so these are what we need to be planting to support life, retain biodiversity, a benign climate, and for multiple other functions and uses.

Native forest systems have an overarching cooperative strategy of safeguarding ecosystem resilience. New Zealand-based research conducted in Otago (Janssen, 1995) verifies the influence of trees on soil development, and reveals nutrient cycling strategies over an 80-year period, which proves that:

1. Northern hemisphere deciduous trees are compatible with New Zealand’s native forest systems; and

2. Fire-regenerating trees (exotic conifers and eucalypts) are incompatible with native forest systems.

How trees form soil carbon

Carbon is assimilated from the air as carbon dioxide (CO2) predominantly by trees and also by smaller photosynthesising organisms. Then it’s transformed by animals, fungi and microorganisms to eventually either return to the heavens, as a heavyweight (44 kg/kmol) down-to-earth gas for plants to assimilate once more, or to rest in peace as peat, coal,

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