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Keep your garden safe from KILLER COMPOST

When my lifelong dream finally came true and we moved into our homestead in May 2019, I was convinced it was going to be the ‘year of abundance’. I could foresee harvest baskets overflowing with organic produce, and the pantry filled with preserved bounty. Instead it became the year this herb lady turned into ‘herbicide lady’.


Transplanted broad beans in my newly established potager garden soon started growing bizarrely with new leaves that were hardened, curled and twisted. Snow peas had similar misshapen leaves, as did hundreds of heirloom tomato seedlings that grew stunted, with older leaves cupping, and new leaves forming shepherd’s crook

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Something IN THE WATER
In many areas of New Zealand, especially rural areas where water supplies come from groundwater, drinking water is high in nitrates. They originate from the urine and manure of stock, from septic tanks and from nitrogen fertilisers that leach through
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Maramataka For Whiringa Rangi And Hakihea
Kua raumati; kua kaha te rā. It is summer; the sun has gained strength. The rewarewa blossoms herald the approach of summer. The harakeke too is in flower and tui proclaim their pleasure in their song, as they enjoy the sweet nectar in the warmth of
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Speaking With One Voice
2020 has been a busy year for OANZ and 2021 is looking like another step up. The Organics Products Bill has been working its way through the parliamentary process, and the launch of the 2020 OANZ Organic Market Report is planned for February 2021. Th