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When I quit the drink, I turned to Half Ironman Training to give me something else to focus on. Essentially, I replaced one addiction with another initially, but it did the job. However, I still remember the first Charles Poliquin nutrition conference I ever went to where he called me out for it. In his mind, running was not conducive to being strong — and his first question to me was, “So, what are you running

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MAXIM New Zealand3 min letti
The Rubens Return
Our first few drafts of the album track listing didn’t have this song as the opener. It’s always hard to figure it out, to find the right flow, and the first song is what kicks it all off. When we finally tried sitting this at the top it felt right.
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Runner-up... TASHA LOSÀN
Proudly calling herself an Australian-Bulgarian, this Gold Coast born-and-bred beauty speaks three languages, believes in the power of deep conversation and is a multi-talented performer. After her dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer was c
MAXIM New Zealand6 min letti
Liquid Gold
Last October the US$1.9 million sale of a bottle of The Macallan single malt Scotch distilled in 1926 — the highest price ever paid at auction for a bottle of spirit — made even those who never touch the stuff sit up and take notice. At 700ml, it con