True Love


Jo-Anne Reyneke is more likely to crack a joke during the most sombre times, break out in a gospel song to send her sadness packing, talk about tear-jerking moments nonchalantly, and choose a pair of sneakers over heels! A typical Gemini, even with some of these character traits, you still can’t pin down her personality to one trait because, just like the back-end of a clock, she’s constantly doing the necessary emotional work to move herself forward. Pardon me for sounding like Jo-Anne’s BFF, when I only spent all of two hours with her [chuckles].

Two things are palpable: this mom-of -two is a well of love — constantly referring to everyone she speaks to as “my love” or “sweetheart”, and she’s as simple as simple can ever get. During a pre-shoot discussion about styling specifications, her manager, Selai Ralarala, mentions that the SAFTAwinning actress is a tomboy with an affinity for funky cornrows and simple clothing.

“I feel like I’m two people — what I am inside and what I look like on the outside.”

After relaying this message to our fashion assistant, Tsakane Ndlovu, we both questioned the truth in her manager’s statement. Jo-Anne being a tomboy, to us, sounded like the biggest cock and bull story. See, we were guilty of committing that humanly crime of judging a person by their looks. But in our defence, our opinion was largely informed by, Thandi on , Busi on and Lungi on ). “I always tell my mom that I feel like I’m two people — what I am inside and what I look like on the outside. On the inside, I’m ‘girl-next-door’ ordinary, and I’m not one for luxurious things. In fact, I’m as kasi as one can get [chuckles]! On the outside, I don’t necessarily relate with how I look,” she shares.

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