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Protein is present in many foods: eggs, meat, fish, dairy, legumes, nuts, seeds and grains. But how much protein are we supposed to eat per day?

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Happy Hours
People who received a flu shot before 11:00 had much higher levels of sickness-fighting antibodies in their blood a month later, compared with people who got their shots at or after 15:00, a recent University of Birmingham study found. This may be be
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Time To Get
Influenza (the flu) kills between 6 000 to 11 000 people a year (shocking!). This is according to the National Department of Health, which also revealed that about half of the deaths are in the elderly, while about 30 percent of them are in HIV-posit
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Get A Swolemate
discuss! Ever pictured your uber-fit friend or bae on the receiving end of your left hook? Good news: a little healthy rivalry might not be the worst thing when you’re knocking out a sweat sesh. A study by Kansas State University found that people wh