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It’s tougher to stay in shape during winter. The cold weather makes us crave richer foods, and many of our exercise options become unavailable or are unappealing. And, of course, our immune systems take a knock, and recovering from the flu takes us out of our normal routines for even longer. But summer is on its way and we need to get ready!

Most quick fixes for getting your body back into shape aren’t sustainable in the long term. To get an all-around approach to an

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I recently had the privilege of experiencing a DF facial treatment at the Environ Skin Care Institute in Cape Town. Although I have always attempted to protect my skin against the sun, my skin has still suffered sun damage over the years and was feel
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FARMER ANGUS, BIODYNAMIC FARMER The passionate opposition of the vegan movement to caged animal farming is to be supported and encouraged, as there is no place for these concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), which produce almost all of the
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Our BIG beauty BREAK
Is there a better way to beat the winter blues than to get out of the city for a wellness boost? This was the thinking behind our Big Spring Beauty Break in September, hosted at the beautiful De Hoek Country Hotel in Magaliesburg, alongside our partn