The Art of Healing

Sacred Earth

Prem and Jethro form the two-piece music ensemble of Sacred Earth, with Prem on keyboard and Jethro on bansuri and shakuhachi (Japanese) flute and guitar. Sacred Earth have been together for 16+ years and are well-known for their devotional music, sacred mantras and heartfelt lyrics. Prem’s voice has a purity and depth that is astounding and at once strikes to the heart. Jethro enhances Prem with his divine guitar and flute playing, and his subltle harmonies. Prem and Jethro have created a pathway for themselves, their family and Sacred Earth which is intent on clarity, commitment and inclusion. When you attend one of their events or retreats you can expect to be singing with them as they take you to depths within yourself you may previously have never explored. The Art of Healing spoke to Prem and Jethro at a retreat held at the Rocklyn Yoga Ashram just outside Daylesford in regional Victoria earlier this year.


OK, so can you take us back to how you two first met Jethro, and what prompted you to create music together?

It was right from when we first met

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