e’re only four months into the year, yet Miss Benny has already claimed 2019 as his own. The 20-year-old actor, singer-songwriter, YouTuber and self-described “eyebrow activist” debuted in the entertainment industry nine years ago, but it feels like he’s - as cliché as it is to say, but we’re gonna do it anyway - officially arrived, and honey, he’s taking no prisoners (especially those with bad brows). Earlier this year, the star - real name Ben J. Pierce - launched a full assault on the charts with glittery dance-pop anthem Rendezvous, the video of which provided a massive ‘FUCK YOU’ to gender norms and heteronormative culture. The critically-acclaimed bop was succeeded earlier this month by Every Boy, a mid-tempo synthpop number that sees Ben express his desire to kiss every guy in the world. A breath? Of fresh air? Abso-fucking-lutely. Growing up, Ben - like most of us queers - didn’t have someone

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