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THE BEST TECH FOR… relaxing and recharging

1 Kindle Oasis

The newest ereader from Amazon is also the best of the bunch. For starters, it’s waterproof, which makes it ideal for holidays or indulging in some restorative reading in the bath. It has a seven-inch high-resolution display at 300ppi, so it reads just like printed paper without glare

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Gadget Guru’s Magic Box
Because Mrs Guru is now working from home, GaGu’s mind is being forcibly turned once again to renovations. There’s a whole trickle-down list of jobs to be done, the first of which was for Guru to board the loft. Given the ample insulation of Guru Tow
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Unmissable Games
Arguably the highest-profile third-party Xbox Series X game so far, this offers a departure from the game’s traditional rooftop-sneaking stealth-led gameplay, as lead character Eivor engages in pitched battles with English soldiers. DiRT 5 looks aw
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Apple HomePod mini
$149 apple.com/au Apple’s tiny new Siri speaker brings the same focus on music quality that the full-size HomePod has, but in a package the size of a bread roll. And not to spoil what’s coming, but the HomePod mini also punches well above its size c