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ure, Swedish-born chef Gabriel Hedlund is a Michelin star winner. But seeing his lean physique and massive bi’s, it’s words like “fitness freak” not “full-time foodie” that instantly springto mind. One

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Grilled Cheesy
SERVES 2 1 (220g) package halloumi cheese1 peach, halved, pit removed1 red bell pepper, quartered4 cups salad greens1 cup canned lentils⅓ cup chopped basil2 tbsp chopped walnuts1 tbsp capers, drained1 tbsp olive oil1 tbsp fresh lemon juice1 tsp honey
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3 Things To Watch This Month
1. YOUR HAIRLINE (if you want an early cancer warning): Dramatic hair loss at an early age can be a sign of prostate cancer. A study of more than 400 men found that those who scored high on a “hair-loss scale” were up to four times more likely to hav
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Gym Equipment Is Filthy, Wipe It Down
Billions of gym-loving germs agree: Dettol is a real killer. RESEARCH SHOWS that the levels of bacteria on most gym equipment could put a gas station bathroom to shame. One recent study found treadmills to be 74 times filthier than a water fountain,