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Hunger for life

an cutting calories really extend your life? Yes, say a bunch of very old, very hangry monkeys. For years, scientists at the American University of Wisconsin-Madison and the National Institute on Aging ran duelling

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Men's Fitness South Africa1 min lettiMedical
Shortcut To Strength
Popularised in the 1970s by US weightlifting coach Carl Miller, clusters — also known as interset rest periods — break sets of strenuous, strength-spiking lifts into shorter, more manageable bouts. For example, instead of doing five sets of five reps
Men's Fitness South Africa1 min lettiMedical
Rest Your Muscles!
Are you getting enough quality sleep to allow your body to repair and build new muscle? Answer these questions from the American National Sleep Foundation to rate your z’s. If you can’t say yes to at least three, your health — and strength gains — ma
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Ice Picks
People frequently dismiss the idea of frozen foods being better for you than fresh food. The boxes and bags of nutritional landmines found in the freezer aisle — goopy Hot Pockets, freezer-burned fish fingers and pizza buried under a tsunami of sodiu