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smart storage

For all the work that goes into growing and harvesting grains around Australia, it’s important to make sure that the finished product reaches its buyer in the best condition possible.

But no matter how new the storage facility, stored grain runs the risk

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Australia’s infrastructure projects are pushing ahead at a great pace; the latest news on the economy is good and reports are all positive across the earthmoving industry. Australia’s borders have reopened and life is starting to return to normal. Ex
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New Player Down Under
As in Europe, John Deere dealers in Australia and New Zealand will distribute Kramer machines. The first dealer is Cervus Equipment in Victoria and New Zealand. Kramer-Werke GmbH is a medium-sized manufacturing company in southern Germany that places
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Ready For Work
To see the McCormick X7.650 in action, we opted to get some raking done as well as a direct drilling job, in order to have the tractor perform under a range of conditions. This allowed us to get a better feel of the transmission, hydraulic controls a