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National Poetry Day

On 23 August, young poets, poetry royalty, performance poets, rappers and “slammers” will be taking over your town – hoping to beat last year’s

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This feel-good movie by The Full Monty’s Peter Cattaneo presses all the usual buttons: a (largely) predictable story arc, a (largely) stereotypical if diverse cast of characters, the shameless use of emotional triggers. And yet… The deeply unsexy ins
North & South1 min letti
Andy Reid
Many years ago, Andy Reid and his wife, Tara, moved from a busy street in North London to the Coromandel bush, where the loudest sounds come from moreporks calling each other in the night (and they’re bloody noisy, he says). Twenty-seven years later,
North & South1 min lettiComposition & Creative Writing
A Technically Dazzling Collection Of Poems...
This is a technically dazzling collection of poems, most of them short, all of them showing care and conviction. Take, for instance, the three found poems. Finding poems is not difficult – all those shopping lists other people leave in their trolleys