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THEY WERE born within minutes of each other, raised in the same home, went to the same school and to the same university, where they lived in the same hostel. Now, they’re flatmates.

Sisters Sophie and Emily Martin are as close as twins can be – and after coping with their share of ups and downs as young students, they’ve joined

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North & South5 min letti
Bye The Book?
Cast your mind back to when you were growing up – what did you do to fill in the gaps between eating, sleeping and annoying your teachers? My brothers built treehouses and dredged slimy black eels from the creek near our house; my best friend played
North & South1 min lettiComposition & Creative Writing
A Technically Dazzling Collection Of Poems...
This is a technically dazzling collection of poems, most of them short, all of them showing care and conviction. Take, for instance, the three found poems. Finding poems is not difficult – all those shopping lists other people leave in their trolleys
North & South1 min letti
Andy Reid
Many years ago, Andy Reid and his wife, Tara, moved from a busy street in North London to the Coromandel bush, where the loudest sounds come from moreporks calling each other in the night (and they’re bloody noisy, he says). Twenty-seven years later,