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The distance you do as a trail runner does not define you, rather it is the shared loved of being out in the elements, soaking up the rain, being shin- or knee-deep in mud, conquering hills to the best of your ability, and being surrounded with like-minded people. Here are 10 reasons why shorter runs are great!

1 Less recovery time

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Q & A White Rock Warriors
1. How did your group begin? Through a sad situation. We had two local runners attacked while out running. One young girl was my cousin’s friend and she asked me if I would run with her. The young girl was training for the Defence. I had a few other
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Hip Happiness
Stable, strong and mobile hips underpin efficient running form and a healthy, functional life. As we age, our hips start to seize, contributing to a shortened stride. This results in extra torsional stress placed on the areas above and below the hips
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Running With Sherman
What do you do when you see the words “running” and “Christopher McDougall” on the front cover of a book? You buy the book. After all, this is a writer who triggered a running movement with his debut book, Born To Run, published in 2009. The story ab