Trail Run


Do you consider yourself a runner?

I don’t consider myself a runner per se, but I love the outdoors, whether that is tramping, swimming, running, kayaking or whatever.

How much do you run?

Three or four times a week in the bush or up the hill or along the coast. I have had a few issues with my back, so I don’t like to run on the road and try

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1. How did your group begin? Through a sad situation. We had two local runners attacked while out running. One young girl was my cousin’s friend and she asked me if I would run with her. The young girl was training for the Defence. I had a few other
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With the introduction of the POD (Performance Optimisation Device), COROS has indicated a bias towards backing its engineers and innovation department. This completely on-brand move was not unforeseeable, given the constant requests online for the in
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If I had written this review last issue, I think I would have had a hard time convincing anyone. The country was on fire, the Scenic Rim in Queensland, where I run a lot of the time, looked like a bleak Martian landscape, and rain was either a joke o