At the beginning of April this year, MP for Western Victoria Gayle Tierney visited The Friends of the Eastern Otways to congratulate them in being awarded $2,200 by the government. The group, which members describe as a collection of individuals with a shared interest in the natural environment who wish to know more about the ecology of Great Otway National Park.

The dedication of The Friends of the Eastern Otways to surveying and protecting the area has seen them provided the additional funds as part of a larger investment of $4.7 million provided by the government’s Regional Landscapes and Targeted Action Initiative. This funding is part of $86.3 million that has been announced to support the recently launched Biodiversity 2037 plan over the next four years.

Dr Kim Lowe, director of Arthur Rylah Institute (ARI) at the Department of has arrived to replace Victoria’s previous biodiversity strategy, which was required as part of the (1988).

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