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In simple terms, big data refers to huge amounts of data collected from various sources and analysed in real or near-real time. The data can

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NZBusiness and Management4 min letti
Think cost-sufficiency, NOT COST-EFFICIENCY
It is fair to say that for as long as even the most experienced among us can remember executives have been, at least in part, focused on reducing cost to drive efficiency. Executives commonly pressure managers and workers to come up with savings beli
NZBusiness and Management2 min letti
What Will Dominate CEO Thinking This Year?
BRETT O'RILEY, the EMA’s chief executive, says that the issue that is likely to dominate CEO thinking in 2020 in New Zealand and globally is likely to be the challenges to free trade. “This will continue to trouble CEOs but it is the availability and
NZBusiness and Management2 min lettiScience
The New Era Dawning
Well, here we are. Goodbye teens, and hello twenties. The 20th century gave us the ‘Roaring 20s’. I wonder what the equivalent decade in the 21st century will be known as? It certainly won’t be ‘boring’. For the planet’s sake, and all of us on board,