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New Zealand is awash with tech developers striving to be ‘top dog’ in the particular niche they operate within. Many climb to the top of the ladder while others struggle to reach the next rung, or even progress off the bottom rung. Often it’s hard to pinpoint one single factor that is responsible for a tech-business’s success – however, in the case of Wellington app and website developer Boost, the most obvious success driver has been its focus on decentralised decision-making and encouraging happiness within the workplace.

Co-founder and CEO Nathan Donaldson makes no secret of the fact that his goal is to create the happiest and most productive workplace in New Zealand. And the evidence suggests he is already well on the way to achieving that goal.

Launched in 2000 by Nathan, along with co-founder Tom Hovey (who subsequently exited in 2006), Boost has enjoyed steady growth since its inception. Nathan brought with him a background in teaching and design. The company initially produced CD ROMs and

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