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People living in China have to cope with the fear of infection, and living conditions have been terrible because of government lockdowns.

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Jon Snow, Eat Your Heart Out!
IN HIS faux fur coat, he looked as if he’d stepped straight out of fantasy series Game of Thrones as he walked down the red carpet to meet his queen. From the get-go Ruan Meyer was the one to watch – and it’s no surprise the curly-haired cutie caught
You South Africa4 min letti
What’s Age Got To Do With It?
THEIR eyes met across a crowded room . . . How many love stories start out this way? So many it’s become a cliché. But in the case of one Western Cape couple the attraction, while instant, was decidedly unexpected. When Wilson Williams first spotted
You South Africa4 min letti
Ask Dr Louise
Q I thought I’d married the love of my life four years ago. I have my own company and as I’m fairly wealthy I could give my wife everything her heart desired. She didn’t need to work and accompanied me on many business trips overseas. We regularly ha