World War II

The German Reaction

THE VICTORY PROGRAM GOT IT WRONG when it said July 1, 1943, was the earliest date that the United States could launch offensive operations. American troops beat this prediction by nearly a year, invading Guadalcanal in

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World War II2 min letti
Former U-boat Pen Now Harbors Art
BUILT BY SLAVE LABOR to protect German submarines that prowled the North Atlantic, a former U-boat base has been reborn as the world’s largest digital art museum. The Bassins de Lumières (“Pools of Light”) opened in Bordeaux in southwest France on Ju
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The Privilege Of Playing A Part
“February 10, 1944: I am glad to be leaving…it seems there is another job to be done in which I have the privilege of playing a part. I am going to describe my trip…in a hope that it will be of interest to those who read it.” So began the shipboard d
World War II2 min letti
Long Time Coming
When Major General George W. Griner Jr. turned down the recommendation for Captain Ben Salomon’s Medal of Honor in fall 1944, he unwittingly set in motion nearly six decades of gross injustice. Salomon’s exploits began gaining wider recognition short