World War II


IT TOOK 76 YEARS, but Second Lieutenant John E. James Jr. finally got a salute.

James received his commission as an officer in a June 29 ceremony at age 98, more than three quarters of a century after the army denied it to him because of the color of

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Crossroad berlin
By the first days of April 1945, the “Thousand Year Reich” had just one more month to live. American armies had breached the Rhine from the west and had taken major cities such as Frankfurt and Kassel. The British were entering northern Germany. The
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Brazen Thieves Snatch Two Armored Carriers
IT SEEMS AS THOUGH it would be hard to hide two 3-ton World War II armored vehicles. But a training academy in Sheffield, England, is offering a £5,000 ($6,500) reward to anyone who can find two purloined Ford T-16 Universal Carriers—armored vehicles
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Exercise In Futility
READING THE STORY about the donated D-Day broadcast tapes in the February 2020 issue (“WWII Today”), I was rather surprised to learn that the Luftwaffe had attacked the Allied armada in the English Channel heading to the Normandy landings. I may well