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Intermittent Fasting: Boost or Bunk?

ntermittent fasting has gained popularity recently, and while it is touted to promote weight loss, improve insulin sensitivity and have other metabolic benefits, is it

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Women's Running2 min lettiPsychology
Are Runners More Resilient?
You know what’s often hard and uncomfortable and sometimes disappointing? Running. And yet most of us do it almost every day. Maybe it helps us build more resilience. “Regardless of how good you are or how talented you are, or what kind of shape you’
Women's Running4 min lettiBiology
Why All Runners Should Walk More
Why walk if you can run? That’s the mindset held by most runners, who prefer powering through their miles over slowing their stride. But just like speed workouts and recovery runs offer different benefits, so do walking workouts. Yes, workouts. Walki
Women's Running2 min letti
Try This Breathing Practice
Breathing exercises have changed the way Malia Chipouras, a freshman at Boulder High School in Colorado, competes. “After I started using them I learned how to be calm and rid myself of the nerves before a race,” she says. Chipouras uses different st