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Time for Inclines

Just take a minute to consider all the benefits: Running hills promotes more economical (aka energy-efficient) form, and is easier on your joints and connective tissues than similar efforts on flat terrain. Running hard up steep grades also builds more power than running on flat ground—you can think of it like “specific strength work” for runners, using

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Women's Running8 min lettiBiology
A Female Runner’s Guide to Eating for Energy
There are two key rules to a diet that will properly fuel your running goals. Rule no. 1: You have energy stored in your body. Rule no. 2: You replace that energy once you use it. When you have enough energy, running should feel effortless. You’ll no
Women's Running4 min lettiPsychology
Into the Pain Cave
Top ultrarunner Courtney Dauwalter is rather friendly with the “pain cave,” that uncomfortable figurative place you find when you’re doing something big (such as winning the 2019 Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc). “The pain cave is a place we get to go when
Women's Running2 min lettiPsychology
Three Ways To Spice Up Your Cross-training
While running is the primary way we improve our performance, cross-training is useful to give the legs a break while still maintaining fitness. Non-running workouts deliver valuable perks like cognitive benefits, strength gains, neuromuscular adaptat