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The migration of the monarch butterfly is an annual phenomenon that elevates the western coastal region of Michoacan in Mexico from holiday hotspot to bucket-list destination. Each November, the area’s pine forests turn orange, decorated with the wings of 10,000 butterflies that are looking to winter in warmer climes. Only, lately, their numbers have been dwindling, and zoologists believe they know why. In the past decade, thousands of hectares of the pine forest in which they reside have been decimated to make way for young avocado trees – a fruit currently enjoying cash-crop status thanks to the popularity of a certain breakfast.

Eating food that doesn’t screw up the planet is becoming as fundamental a dietary pillar as hitting your five a day and eating for your gut. But the deeper you delve into the ethics of eating, the more confused you can become – and the plight of the monarch butterfly is only the tip

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