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What’s The Alternative?

Not so long ago, most people fell into one of two camps when it came to healthcare: conventional or alternative. You either rolled your eyes at friends who claimed energy healing cured their probs, or you were game to guinea pig anything from rolfing to reiki.

But, the wellness landscape doesn’t look so one-side-or-the-other anymore. There’s a solid chance you dabble in a homeopathic cold remedy and still head to your GP if your sore throat isn’t gone in a week. Or maybe you see a physio to rehab muscle twinges but also appreciate the hurts-so-good sensation of cupping. The truth is, two-thirds of us have turned to complementary medicine – any treatment method that isn’t generally considered part of mainstream care – according to a study by the University of Technology Sydney. And to meet the demand and increased interest, major medical centres, such as cancer treatment hub Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, offer everything from meditation and acupuncture to qigong.

Yep, integrative and standard options can coexist. In fact, the term ‘alternative medicine’

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