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Back for the Future

It may not feel like it on those days you splash coffee on your white tee before 9am, but you are, in fact, a wellspring of life experience and knowledge. That’s why penning a letter to your younger self can be a powerful exercise. “The process of revisiting your younger self is usually a little challenging – and can sometimes make us cringe – however, it provides clarity on what you need to let go of, and also allows us to recognise how much we

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Social life dwindled to circular chats in WhatsApp groups? You’re not tapping away solo. A team at The University of Texas at Austin found people are more likely to text or email than make a phone call due to fear of awkwardness – even though the lat
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What To Consider Before (and After) You Press
Follow In Australia, anyone can call themselves counsellors or psychotherapists, even if they have no training or qualifications. Check they’re registered with the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council. What qualifies that person to make that c
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Is Your Mental Health Under The Influence?
Chances are, you brought a lot of things in house last year. The long black you once thought nothing of parting with $3.50 for? You’re basically a barista now. You’ve switched from yoga studio to on-demand, and you’ve cancelled the cleaner in favour