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The Friendship Break-up

Salma* and I bonded in our 20s when we house shared and travelled to Europe together, staying in hostels and living our best carefree lives. Our friendship grew into one that had its own language, and we nursed each other through at least three major relationship breakdowns. So when I found out she’d

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Women's Health Australia7 min letti
If It’s Not A Hell Yeah, It's A No!
It started with a royal interview, of all things. Meghan Markle, holding back tears, quietly telling a reporter that yes, she was surviving the roller-coaster ride of public life but she wasn’t happy. “It’s not enough just to survive something,” she
Women's Health Australia3 min letti
Take Your Sustainability Game Next-Level
Straws made of plastic might be as elusive to you as tact is to Donald Trump, but reducing your impact on the planet doesn’t stop there. Almost every tiny decision you make daily can have flow-on effects for the environment. Reusables and recycling a
Women's Health Australia3 min letti
Ride Big
The jetski roared into action dragging the first-timer behind it. As Laura Enever tried to calm the wave of nerves on the verge of enveloping her, the actual wave she hoped to ride was readying itself for the challenge. As the ocean dipped and then s