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Woman's Weekly Living Series1 min lettiBiology
‘Cystic Fibrosis Is In My Family’
When Jenny’s niece, Rachel, was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at birth, it was a terrifying time for the family, as they ‘went through three or four months of seeing her struggle to survive’. Rachel is now 42, and Jenny has described her as an energ
Woman's Weekly Living Series1 min lettiMedical
A Lump Or Area Of Thickened Tissue
This is usually the first noticeable symptom of breast cancer, although it’s worth remembering that most lumps (around 90%) are not cancerous. They’re usually harmless cysts or due to other conditions, such as fibroadenoma. But it’s important to get
Woman's Weekly Living Series1 min lettiPsychology
Have A 10-minute Tidy
Just creating order in one unruly cupboard can be all it takes to create inner calm, make you less irritable and more productive, says American research. Living in disarray has been proven to raise levels of the stress hormone cortisol. ■