Watercolor Artist

Memories Etched in Sketches

starts my wife Noelle. “I bet you can’t sketch that view before I finish this glass of wine.” She gives me that mischievous grin of hers as she takes a sip. It’s June in Paris, and beads of condensation drip down the stem of the glass. I look at my unopened sketch bag. The odds aren’t good. I begin to stammer some excuse — but then I stop and grab my gear. “You’re on, babe.” Seven minutes later, and just before the last half-ounce of chardonnay makes its final journey, I say “done,” and order myself a beer in triumph. It’s not my best work but, as it turns out, it’s one of my favorites. (See , on page 39.) Every time I see it, I’m transported to that exact moment in time and place, sharing a

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Meet the Artist
Jian Wu (jwstudio.net) studied sculpture and mural art at the Central Art and Crafts College of China (now the Art College of Qing Hua University). Early in his career, he created sculptural and copper reliefs commissioned by five-star hotels in Chin
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What’s Online
Take a look at the beautiful (and numerous) artistic styles of Henri Matisse. artistsnetwork.com/go/matisse-styles Jaimie Cordero shares some of her secrets, tools and materials for applying color and capturing watercolor texture. artistsnetwork.com
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The Artist’s Toolkit
• Paper: 300-lb. rough or cold-pressed watercolor paper. Young particularly likes the brighter white of Winsor & Newton. • Paints: The artist uses primarily MaimeriBlu, Winsor & Newton and M. Graham watercolors, as well as a few Holbein colors. On hi