Watercolor Artist

Domestic Comforts

Perhaps no image in art better symbolizes domesticity than that of freshly cut flowers arranged in a vase and centered on a tabletop. While the subject of family life has long been a

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Watercolor Artist1 min lettiComputers
Charting Emotions
Flow Chart of Emotions IV is the latest iteration of Margolis’ color chart, used to standardize as well as encrypt her emotional experiences. Using a Pantone Color System, she assigns a reproducible color and identification code to each emotion—seen
Watercolor Artist1 min lettiComputers
Threshold Tool Application
The Threshold tool in Photoshop allows you to specify a range of values in an image. All the pixels that are in the range of the selected values are mapped to white, and the rest are mapped to black. Threshold is a powerful tool for automatically cre
Watercolor Artist1 min letti
It’s best to paint tissues on a flat, plastic-covered surface. Don’t move the painted pieces until they’re dry, or they’ll fall apart. Watercolor collage is very forgiving. If you make a mistake while the paper is still damp with matte medium, you c