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The Look of Water

Years ago, when I was first becoming serious about watercolor painting, I’d sit at the end of our dock staring at the lake, struggling to figure out what makes water look like water. What are the visual cues? How do we know at a glance, even at a distance, that it’s wet? Here are some of my

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Watercolor Artist2 min letti
The Great Masker-aid
To mask or not to mask, that is the question for the watercolorist when it comes time to “save the whites.” While it’s certainly possible just to paint around an area you wish to save, masking can be a good option for covering an area to prevent it f
Watercolor Artist5 min letti
The Riverside Muse
Christopher Forsey’s character is as colorful as his artwork. See for yourself on his website (chris forsey.com), where he has posted a video called “My Story.” In it, the artist paints a verbal picture of a childhood in which he spent a lot of time
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Urban Reflections
There is life after retirement. When French artist Jean-Claude Lizerand retired 20 years ago at the age of 60, he began to spend more time with his family and grandchildren in Provence and Brittany, a world away from his home city of Paris. He began