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your prewedding jitters, solved

A wedding is a loaded event—financially, emotionally and even spiritually—so it’s no wonder there can be a lot of anxiety surrounding both the actual celebration the idea of marriage. There are certainly red flags you should pay attention to, but the majority of prewedding jitters stem from the expectation that this is supposed to be, unequivocally, the happiest time in your life. And while that can definitely be true (hey, it’s pretty darn fun!), it’s also okay to feel a bit thrown off by the whole thing. “We think of happiness as really binary,” explains Matt Lundquist, founder and director of normal to feel leading up to the main event? Here are the top worries psychologists say are most common.

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“I want the opposite of a glow on my wedding day,” said no bride ever. But seasonal changes and dehydration (say, from hitting the wine to counteract wedding planning stress) can cause your complexion to have a dry, lackluster appearance. To boost yo
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Q+a Ask The Knot Squad
How do I tell my guests I want to have an unplugged ceremony? MARY CHATMAN: A simple note on your wedding website and a small, concise sign advising guests that you’re having an unplugged wedding should suffice. Say something like, “We want our frien
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Everlasting L♥VE
96 PERCENT of the time, if you start a conversation off on the wrong foot (think: a sassy tone, increased volume or hurtful words), it’s going to end poorly too. To set yourselves up for the greatest chance of success, begin convos in a gentle manner