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Divers plunge into a world not natural to human beings, a realm where individuals can defy gravity and breathe underwater. Add a shipwreck to that otherworldly activity, and the stage is set for . From the second we ecstatic wreck hunters danced jubilantly upon seeing the small, oblong, dark-shadowed outline of a shipwreck on our sonar screen — a sight that can take months or even years to achieve but, research and luck being with us, took less than two hours — to the tingling anticipation of our descent to the wreck itself, were among my most profound moments in diving.

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Scuba Diver11 min letti
Underwater Cameras
Although records date the first underwater photograph to have been taken in 1856 by William Thompson, who used a pole mounted camera, the world’s first official underwater photographer, Frenchman Louis Boutan, began his work in 1893. Boutan was first
Scuba Diver8 min letti
Blackwater Photo Gurus
The blackwater realm is without a substrate or a reef. There is no limit to the ways and angles one can shoot ›#¹µ¸Ø››¬›#›››#›¬›¹#››¬›ß›¹¬››AE#¬›#¹››#¬ª›#››››ß››¬# approaches to how people shoot similar types of animals. Divers have been discovering
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Snapping Up Thrills
It is half past four in the morning on Koror, the main island of Palau. The night is still pitch black and almost nobody is out and about on the streets. A few lonely figures shuffle over the sandy byways with their flip-flops in the still very sultr