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There’s a magical street in Parktown where the steep, rocky ridge commands some of Joburg’s most spectacular views. In the early ’70s, renowned architect Peter Rich and his wife Diane bought a property here – a 1918 cottage with a precipitous terraced garden, its stone walls hewn from the neighbouring quarry. ‘What we bought was an Arts and Crafts spec house,’

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Breaking Bread
My mom recently told me that her father, whom I never had the chance to meet, would go back to the kitchen every night after dinner and make himself a sandwich before bed. I’ve never felt more related to someone. I’d like to live my life having a sa
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Kitchen Confidential
There’s always been a lot of heat in our kitchen. Fiery arguments. Hot kisses. Burnt food. What we make there is less important than what happens there. Of course the food is important. I’m a woman who likes to eat. A lot. And well. But it is the hum
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Dinner Date
TIP For a playful touch, set the scene with eye-catching glassware and tactile ceramics in colourful hues. TIP There’s nothing more alluring than a table adorned with dinner candles – play with candle holders in different materials, shapes and heig