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IMAGINE YOU’RE on the data and analytics team for a football franchise and after the season’s first few games you receive alarming ticketing data: The bulk of the crowd is entering your stadium an average of only 23 minutes before kickoff.

While possessing that data is important, it’s irrelevant if you’re not able to understand why it’s distressing and enlist other departments to help implement corrective strategies. Is pregame traffic a particular pain point? Are certain gates more prone to bottlenecking? What initiatives should be explored involving pregame in-venue eateries, team stores and overall entertainment to pull more fans into the stadium much earlier?

Data on fans’ habits and desires has never been more plentiful and accessible for teams and leagues, with the Golden State Warriors even noting peak decibel levels during in-game entertainment at Chase Center as yet another data point that indicates what fans like. But what distinguishes some organizations’ analysts are not their technical chops but rather soft

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