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Alone, Together

In the early 1990s, sociologist Ray Oldenburg coined the term “third place” to describe public spaces, separate from our homes and workplaces, where people intentionally meet and socialize. These include

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The Freedom in Confinement
ONE OF OUR PRIME REASONS for reading prose fiction is to get outside, to travel, and to learn about how people think and feel who are different from us. The familiar defense of the novel as an education in empathy and otherness follows from this, as
The American Scholar5 min lettiTech
Reading “No Ghost in the Machine” in the Spring issue of the SCHOLAR, I waited in vain for Mark Halpern to establish the salient features of human thought, of which he declares robots not capable. Underlying his reasoning is the idea of our self-awa
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The Patriot Slave
DURING THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, four times more black Americans served as loyalists to the Crown than served as patriots. They joined the British in high numbers in response to promises of emancipation. And yet the enduring memory of black participat