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f you can’t love yourself, no-one will,” my mum has said over and over again. I didn’t realise how important her advice was till well into my 20s, when I questioned why guys I liked didn’t treat me the way mum said I deserved. Why would they, when I shush anyone who pays me anything even remotely close to a compliment? I didn’t believe I was awesome, so why would some random guy think so? But things have changed a lot since I turned 30. With, you learn to just accept yourself for who you are. Better yet, you learn to celebrate all those chunks, clumps and lumps that add up to perfection, aka YOU! Before you go looking for Mr Right, stop for a second, and take our word (clichéd but true): the only person whose opinion really matters is you. So, if you don’t yet, learn to love you first. Madeeha Afridi, a counselling pyschologist at The LightHouse Wellbeing Center, a mental health and wellness clinic in Dubai, tells you what self-love is, why it’s important, and how to get started on being your own bae :

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