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VegNews Digital Director Jasmin Singer (thinks she) knows a thing or two about love, and is baring all.

To my friend who won’t do online dating because she thinks it’s embarrassing:

Get over it already! Not only is there nothing wrong with digital dating, but it’s among the top ways of meeting new romantic interests (second only to connecting through mutual friends). Plus, I know that you’ve used the internet for everything from ordering undies to doing your taxes, so why wouldn’t you use it to find your next love? The stigma is totally changing anyway—nearly half the public knows someone who has met their partner online. Don’t judge me, but I’m one of them. And not to brag, but even though most people have to go on a few dates with duds before they find a perfect (enough) match, I managed to meet my mate on try number-one. Since study after study is backing

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