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‘Barbaric’ shooting vote is a slur on the British countryside

The divide between urban and rural life has been laid bare in Liverpool.

The city council has adopted a motion condemning all forms of hunting and shooting as “barbaric”. The

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It’s dusk, and the light is fading fast as you crouch in your hide by the flighting pond. The temperature has dropped and you shiver slightly, even though you are well wrapped against the winter air. The trees have become silhouettes against the grey
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Down The Rabbit Hole
When you go to do a job, is your role to eliminate as many rabbits as possible or just reduce them to a more manageable number? Ed says: It depends on what the client wants. Eradication jobs take time, and with time comes big bills. The last rabbit
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Wad’s In It For You?
Besides checking our cartridges are loaded with the correct wad type to comply with the rules of the ground we are shooting on, it’s likely we don’t give much thought to that small item between powder charge and shot load. Prior to the introduction o