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It’s no coincidence that the word diet contains the word die. Because that’s what you want to do after your

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Sally Fitzgibbons
WHEN WE SPOKE to Sally Fitzgibbons over Zoom a little while back, this is what her life looked like: she was on the Hawaiian island of O’ahu, recovering from the first contest of the revived WSL Championship Tour, which had been postponed for most of
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The Little Lifter That COULD
Not quite. Tate Fegley’s sled is a heavy-duty steel power sled. Alone, it weighs 35 kg. On a sunny, snowless day in early December, Tate, age 10, drags it out of a hangar-like garage in suburban Minden, Louisiana. The space was originally designed to
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FRIDAY Thank God It’s Thursday
IT WAS THE REPETITION that did it for Alex Hirst. The same 5.30am alarm. The same 6.30am bus to the station. The same carriage, the same large coffee and croissant, the same meal-deal lunch. The same clients, the same problems, the same-shaped weeks.