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Gold Coast-based Ironman Matt Poole stays at the top of his game by training 2-3 times a day, six days a week. So how does he make sure his body has enough fuel to keep going? The first key is simplicity.

“We do so much training at such high intensity – it’s

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ASIDE FROM LAST YEAR, when two-thirds of Australians admitted to stress-drinking to help deal with pandemic anxiety, research suggests that, as a nation, we’re actually trending towards drinking less, with per capita consumption at its lowest level s
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Hiit With Joe
Got 10 minutes max? No equipment? Torch every muscle and get your heart racing with this conceived-in-lockdown Wicks workout. Do each exercise once for 45sec. Rest for 15sec between each move. Go hard and stay home
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“Alex Do You Believe In God?” Val Kilmer
Some years ago, Val Kilmer began selling his original artwork on the Internet. Kilmer has been making art for a long time. He takes photographs and creates scrapbook-style media collages with atmospheric abstract paintings resembling blooms of underw