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20g per bar

ats are one of the richest sources of cholesterol-improving beta-glucans. Paired with the equally fibrous chia seeds, you’ll enhance your heart health in just a

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Gifts Galore
Naturalistic intelligence You have acute outdoor sensibilities and a strong connection with nature. Musical intelligence You have a talent for identifying pitch, rhythm and timbre. Logical/mathematical intelligence You’re adept at deduction and
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Home Is Where The Kick-start Is
CLEAR A SPACE in your living room and find a sweat towel. For this no-equipment kilojoule burner, follow an “every minute, on the minute” format: at the start of each minute, you’ll begin an exercise and work for either 20 seconds (beginner), 30 seco
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The Good Fight
COVID-19 has decimated healthcare systems and economies across the globe, claiming lives and destroying livelihoods. Social distancing and forced lockdown have changed the way all of us live, work and play. But amid the ‘unprecedented’ turmoil, many