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“I SEE THIS 150-KILO WRESTLER, covered in blood, come flying out of the ring and he lands on the ground right beside me. And I’m thinking: ‘Okay, what the fuck’s going on, now?’”

This is what Todd Sampson is like. We’re midway through the photo shoot – the interview hasn’t even begun yet – but already he’s tossing out electrifying tales, the by-product of his all-action lifestyle.

For this particular caper, Sampson was filminganepisodeof Body Hack,wherehe was set to undergo a two-week crash course in Mexican wrestling before putting his body on the line (again) in the ring. On arrival in Mexico City, Sampson took a ringside seat at a wrestling match to film a quick intro to camera. That’s when he was rudely interrupted by the aforementioned blood-splattered heavyweight . . .

“So then the other wrestler comes out of the ring and hits this guy who stumbles back and lands right in my lap. I’m thinking, ‘Okay, this is a joke, right?’ But then this 120-kilo massive guy just starts running towards him. I was like: ‘No! No! No!’ But he smashes into him, we break through the chair and

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