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At Men’s Health, one of our preoccupations is helping you change your body by using various workouts and fitness tips from professionals. Before you can chase your dream body, though, you have to accept the one you already have.

Sure, you might

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What IQ Scores Mean
TEST: Go to and have a crack at the Brain Metrics Initiative-certified IQ test. For $15, you’ll receive a detailed report on your results ■
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What Happens When …i Start Middle-age Spreading?
With age comes knowledge, financial security and self-assurance – but there’s often some extra, unwanted baggage, too. From the age of 30, your levels of testosterone, HGH and the sex hormone progesterone start to decline. As a result, your muscle ma
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THE Genius Paradox
Tom Grace recited a poem for a group of teachers at his preschool. While its title is untraceable, the poem was an aggregate of twee lines such as “Snowflakes are the purest white” and “Pink like the blossoms in the spring”. Also present at the recit