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I HAD ALMOST reached my exit when the traffic suddenly slowed. It was Remembrance Day, and I was annoyed because it meant I would probably be late to a BBQ. Then I heard the sound of skidding tyres. A motorcycle careened into view on my left, out of control. It bounced off two cars before it tipped over and slid under the bumper of a car just in front of me. I

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Your Stand-up Routine For All-new Gains
YOU DON’T NEED a strongman gym to build functional fitness. Simply grab a sandbag to elevate the classic turkish get-up to new heights. “The traditional move is a masterclass in control and finesse,” explains fitness trainer Andrew Tracey. “But this
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THE Genius Paradox
Tom Grace recited a poem for a group of teachers at his preschool. While its title is untraceable, the poem was an aggregate of twee lines such as “Snowflakes are the purest white” and “Pink like the blossoms in the spring”. Also present at the recit
Men's Health Australia2 min letti
What Happens When …i Start Middle-age Spreading?
With age comes knowledge, financial security and self-assurance – but there’s often some extra, unwanted baggage, too. From the age of 30, your levels of testosterone, HGH and the sex hormone progesterone start to decline. As a result, your muscle ma