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There are plenty of reasons to workout, that have nothing to do with getting bigger, or even stronger. These range from boosting your mood, to keeping your heart

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Ultrarunner damian Hall
FOR THOSE UNFAMILIAR WITH THE PENNINE WAY, WHAT SORT OF TERRAIN WERE YOU TACKLING? “Bogs! It’s a lot of moorland, and those moors are like plateaus – they’re not like the fells of the Lake District that drain away quite well. That means it gets bogg
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Hail the Kale
New research has shown that some of our least favourite vegetables could be the most beneficial when it comes to preventing blood vessel disease. It has long been known that cruciferous veg (including the likes of broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, ca
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Bench Warmer
Gyms, you will have noticed, have a different feel to them at the moment. Social distancing and the strong smell of sanitiser are now central to the weights-room experience, and gone are the days of hopping between different bits of equipment. Now, m