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Exercise scientists have examined what activities create the best results for your state of mind:1

Swimming, running and mountain biking create the biggest improvements in mood and/or stress levels.

Calming environments help increase the stress-busting impact

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Train Like The Pros
REPS: 8-10 of each • Throw straight down • Jump and throw REPS: 60 secs of each • Weighted front plank • Weighted side plank “The planks are to get the core section ready to take load and transmit force,” says McDermott, “and the med ball work is the
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Bouncing Back
Pushing past physical limits can be a gratifying experience. Endorphins flood your brain and it feels like there’s nothing enough sweat, reps and hard work can’t overcome. The truth, however, is that it’s not the straining of sinew or physical applic
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Holistic Health
It’s easy to think that your workouts are the most important part of fitness, but if you’re not putting as much effort into your all-round health, chances are you’re undermining at least some of that sweat and toil. Nutrition, sleep, recovery, stress