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Adding small symbols to existing food packaging could change eating habits, according to researchers at Loughborough University. The symbols would show how much walking and running would be required to burn off the food or drink in question. A snack bar containing 140 calories, for example, could be accompanied by a symbol of a person showing it would take 26 minutes of walking or 13 minutes of running to compensate.

“We think there is a clear signal that it might be useful,” said Prof Amanda Daley, first author of the research. “If I tell you something is going to take you 60 minutes of walking to burn, I think most

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Feel The Burn
Whether you want to torch some Christmas blubber, or shed some weight for a New Year fitness challenge, body-transformation plans can feel like a mythical quest, full of setbacks and pitfalls. But it turns out the the many professional athletes coach
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Bfr Training
Also known as Occlusion Training, blood-flow restriction involves the application of a pneumatic cuff or ‘tourniquet’ applied to a limb. The cuff is inflated to a specific pressure during low-intensity resistance exercises (20-30 per cent of one-rep
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Rapid Responses
FAVOURITE BIT OF FITNESS KIT? Dumbbells. BEST CHEAT MEAL? Burger or pizza, or cookies, doughnuts and lots of chocolate. FAVOURITE WORKOUT MUSIC? 80s and 90s rock. BEST TIME TO TRAIN? First thing, or early afternoon. BIGGEST GRIPE I